Dutchess Mom Caught Fighting Dad's Baby Mama

Dutchess Mom Caught Fighting Dad’s Baby Mama


We have some truly juicy tea to spill about Dutchess from Black Ink Crew. Now, last season we saw the reign of Dutchess and Ceaser end, but now Dutchess is dealing with some MAJOR family drama.

The Pretty In Ink owner, Dutchess Lattimore , who dumped Cease for allegedly cheating is now dealing with her dad’s infidelity with her mom. WTF? Read on to get the tea spilling about Dutchess mom…

Dutchess Mom Caught Fighting Dad's baby mama

Now, we don’t know if this is going to be her storyline in the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew, but it would make for some juicy tea.

Let’s be real what else will Dutchess be bringing to the table except her lawsuit and acting like a scorned ex girlfriend.

Anyways, what we are hearing from sources is that Dutchess Lattimore’s dad, Ricky stepped out on her mom, Crystal Lattimore, and had a son by another woman! The boy is about 8 or 9 years-old now, and Dutchess’ mom has even confirmed all the drama.

If you know Dutchess, somewhere, somehow she is going to make this all about her and how it is breaking her heart.

Dutchess Mom Fight Details:

To add more drama to the pot, we got word that her mom and dad are no longer together. Remember they were portraying the perfect parents who stayed together through thick or thin?

Apparently, things got to thick so Dutchess mom, Crystal pulled and exit stage left because she got allegedly fed up with Ricky Lattimore’s infidelity.  After all the years of cheating she left him, because the son is about 8 or 9 years old.

And if you follow Dutchess Lattimore and her family’s antics on social media you would know her mom is always up to some shenanigans. She was even spotted on Facebook arguing with the mother of her husband’s son.

We can see where Dutchess gets it from.


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