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    Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED; She is SUING Ceasar For Half of Black Ink Empire

    Dutchess Lattimore has some nerve! She was with Ceasar for 5 years, but the two were NEVER married and now she has an attorney to serve him papers?

    What the NeNe Leakes is going on here. Who does Dutchess think she is? Read on…

    Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED; She is SUING Ceasar For Half of Black Ink Empire

    On the season finale of Black Ink Crew Dutchess has Ceasar served during his private Black Ink Tattoo Atlanta party.

    Ceasar has been planning to expand and has already done so. The grand opening of the Black Ink Atlanta Parlor was this past March.

    Dutchess Lattimore Gets EXPOSED!

    The couple broke up this season and both moved on. Tonight Ceasar learned that while Dutchess was setting up her Pretty In Ink shop in North Carolina, she was smashing a dude named Hurk. 

    This was all going down while Dutchess was still engaged with Ceasar Emmanuel. She apparently felt if he was cheating on her she was going to do it on him.


    Back in November, Dutchess was caught up in some mess with some goons and Ceasar had to come to her rescue. This girl is no innocent. She is a manipulator. If you watch Black Ink Crew, you may notice that last week Dutch called Kitty a THOT POCKET, but when she confronted her tonight she denied it.

    Dutchess has done this throughout the run of Black Ink Crew, so if you don’t catch her in the act, she pleads the fifth. Anyways, Lattimore was dating, Carolina Panthers Zack Sanchez earlier this year. But once he learned that she was extremely demanding he brutally dumped her. He’s an NFL player for God sake, he doesn’t need to her her old ass complaining!

    All along she’s been playing Ceasar, claiming this is the man I love and want to spend my life with, while hooking up with two guys in the Carolina’s. Girl please!

    Dutchess Suing Ceasar For Half of Black Ink Empire

    Hurk put Dutchess on BLAST writing:

    “I never wanted to do this but f–k it… I’m the one she’s been f—ing and sucking since June of last year. I’m the reason she Broke up with the n–a cease in the first place.. made her five the ring back and all…she came back and found the hottest n— in the city and wanted to be my girl bc I never wanted to be in the spot light she took advantage of our situation and I guess f— with that Sanchez dude…. BUT THE GAGG IS I WAS NEVER FAITHFUL EITHER SORRY NOT SORRY!”

    Lattimore tells her attorney that she paid bills at Black Ink while she was with Ceaser. Now that they’re no longer together, does Dutchess get a part of Black Ink?

    What is really foul about all of this is that her sisters NEED to stay out of her ear. They keep telling her to take him for half of his business. That is so ratchet and low of Dutchess!


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