Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth


We told you that a inside source close to Vh1’s Black Ink Crew would be EXPOSING Dutchess Dirty Laundry for filth, and he has done just that.

Get all the dirt on Dutchess Lattimore, who apparently went behind Ceaser’s back and wanted dirt on Sky’s kids to get back at them. Read on get the tea spilling on Dutchess Dirty Laundry

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

CelebNReality247.com has received the following dirt on Dutchess Lattimore who had been scheming to ruin Ceaser Emanuel before, during and at the end of season 4 of Black Ink Crew.

After hearing everything that was said by Dutchess, we’ve learned that she’s an under-handed, low down and dirty liar. But that really isn’t news to us, since she was seen on Black Ink Crew lying to everyone. She NEVER admitted to anything, and she always twisted the truth.

Ceaser should be happy it’s over, his crew was right all along, and so was Puma. He was the first to call out Dutchess as a fraud. Ceaser just didn’t want to believe Puma, Richard or Teddy when they told him to dump her. She was an snake and a opportunist waiting to strike.

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED Details:

Our source is Jazzy F, the manager behind most of Black Ink Crew’s digital marketing. Just like he promised, he took to social media and EXPOSED ALL of Dutchess dirty laundry.

He starts off by saying:

“End of season 4 Dutchess asked me to send info about the truth behind Sky’s kids and I dubbed her. She later started doing business with Sky’s former manager who was fired for stealing money. He got Dutchess in contact with Sky’s son and his father. Dutchess gave the interview to Vivian who is wearing the same clothing in the pic she posted with Dutchess in the interview. Pay close attention that the son and father are wearing different clothing in the photo and interview. So this was clearly a plot on Sky so she can be mentioned in season 6.”

He goes on to EXPOSE Dutchess by revealing that she tried to get herself a spin off series with Big Fish without telling Ceaser.

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

The creator of itsOnlyEntertainment/itsDNAMedia and digital manager for celebs and reality TV personalities explains:

“Dutchess had been meeting with Big Fish about getting a spin off behind Ceaser back. She signed a development agreement which means it’s just an idea on the table and nothing is set in stone. She jumped the gun and planned her break up ceaser by hiring.”

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

Jeff also BLASTS Dutchess by showing some of her text messages when she screwed over some staff members on the production team:

He writes:

“Remember when you texted me cuz you was getting demolished on season 5 and was in airports crying and depressed. You apologized for @moneylynn, Ed and Carl stealing. They stole more than 5k from you but you’re still doing business with them.”

He also revealed that Dutchess told on herself, because she “plotted her break up [with Cease] because she thought she was getting a spin off.”

Jazzy F says:

“Thank you @dutchessofink for posting this and telling on yourself again. She plotted her break up because she thought she was getting a spin off but it didn’t happen. Dummy you were sacrificed for Donna. They wanted you out so they can get Donna permanently on the show.”

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

Since Jazzy F has gone on to expose Dutchess, her Instagram feed has been deleted. Check the Link…

The reveal doesn’t stop there…he goes on to BLAST Gossip Viv saying she and Dutchess are THIRSTY:

“Two thirsty ass broads who’s career is in the toilet looking to have a moment based on defaming someone else.”

He says:

“How thirst and sloppy could they be? If Dutchess had nothing to do with the interview how is it that these two are friends and on the breakfast club together. Viv is desperate cuz her career is in the toilet and no one is buying her book or viewing her gossip site so she’s tried to make a moment put of humiliating Sky. The sad part is that her book is about the struggle she went through with accepting her daughter transitioning to a boy so clearly she’s been through mother issues herself.”

It seems GossipViv is no feeling the backlash from her interview with Genesis this past June. She CLAPPED BACK at Jazzy for calling her thirsty and that her career is in the toilet.

The gossip bird chirped:

Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED for Filth

He shut down the bird saying:

“CouponViv you mad cuz I told the truth? I never threatened anyone but if you think I’m pussy send any and everybody you know cuz you gone find out. You don’t have a website anymore because it makes no money. You work for thisis50 and I OWN my shit so we are not the same. You a desperate dub and everyone is laughing at you.”

What are your thoughts on Dutchess Dirty Laundry EXPOSED?

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