DJ Self Caught Slapping Cardi B's Sister

DJ Self Caught Slapping Cardi B’s Sister


The Love and Hip Hop 7 reunion was probably the craziest it has ever been with so many fights, but the most memorable was Cardi B’s confrontations. Especially when Hennessey charged the stage and DJ Self was caught slapping Cardi B’s sister!!!

Get the tea spilling on DJ Self getting caught on video hitting a woman…

DJ Self Caught Slapping Cardi B's Sister couldn’t believe that the LHHNY season was complete stuck on RATCHET and VIOLENCE.

This one was worse than Atlanta a couple years back and some people are wondering did Mona Scott-Young let it go too far?

You see, at one point a male cast member, DJ SELF, was caught on tape STIFF-ARMING/SLAPPING 19-year-old Hennessey in the face.

VH1 has not said what they plan on doing, but now the clip of this MALE-ON-FEMALE violence has leaked and is popping up everywhere on social media.  The GWININ CEO is looking really bad and according to sources, fans of Hennessey have sent this video to the NY Police department.

A few days ago Love & Hip Hop’s reunion show aired on VH1. It was full of RATCHETNESS and VIOLENCE – but now people are wondering if things went TOO FAR.

Shortly after the video surface, Self released this apology online:

“I would like to address the situation that occurred during the reunion of #LHHNY episode last night. I’d like to apologize if anyone was bothered or offended by the imagery portrayed when I stood up only to block and restrain a fight between females. I would never nor have I ever put my hands on any female. My natural reflex was to stop a fight and prevent any harm between females I have nothing but love for. I am a father and contrary to belief, I treat women with respect. It is not cool for anyone to put their hands on a woman intentionally. This situation was an accident and will never happen again. Lesson learned. (Via @DJSelf)”

He posted a clip of the mistaken incident below:

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