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    Why Charmaine Got FIRED From the Radio Station

    Charmaine made an ass of herself at the hip hop brunch looking like she strolled in off the street for some food. She was completely unprofessional and trashy!

    What you didn’t see on Black Ink Chicago was the moment when Charmaine Johnise walking into the Hip Hop brunch looking like she was trying to get laid. Read on…

    Why Charmaine Got FIRED From the Radio Station

    This is where has to READ Charmaine for walking into the hip hop brunch looking a mess.

    Girl, your boss said don’t be late, that means arrive a half hour early. Not only that Charmaine Johnise was on probation after she allowed her beau to walk in the studio during an interview. Not only that she ended up making out with him while a local rapper sat in the studio uncomfortable. It was pathetic.

    Now, Johnise shows America that she’s NOT cut out to put in the work at 107.5 WGCI. All she wants to act like is a stripper and enjoy the parties and events the radio puts on.

    Why Charmaine Got FIRED From the Radio Station

    She got her news when she disrespected the radio station for her unprofessionalism and lack of ethics. VH1 writes, “Charmaine did her best to make it to her work event unnoticed but her boss knows exactly what she was up to the night before.”

    Did she? Johnise could have changed in the car, because if it was a dude she was going to see, she’d have cleaned up. The girl was NOT taking her radio station gig serious and someone who deserves the job should have it.

    Everyone could help but notice that she looked a mess showing up 3 hours late. People we looking at her crazy, and when her co workers saw what she was wearing it was OVER! Charmaine was told its a hip hop brunch, not a stripper brunch.

    Watch the moment where Charmaine just embarrasses herself with fellow employees:

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    Junior Wants To Get His Salsa All Over Liliana's Taco, But She's MAD Jealous