Ceaser and Ted Partner Up and Open Black Ink Atlanta

Ceaser and Ted Open Black Ink Atlanta


We all know that Ceaser shut down Black Ink on  113th, but its open again. What you may not know is that Black Ink brand has expanded to Atlanta!

Ceaser Emmanuel has expanded his Black Ink empire, and this time he partnered with his cousin Teddy Ruks to open Black Ink Atlanta! Read more…

Ceaser and Ted Partner Up and Open Black Ink Atlanta

Last week, Black Ink Atlanta brought out the “whos who” of Atlanta and the cast from both New York and Chicago.

The grand opening of Black Ink Atlanta went down in the A on Saturday (Mar. 4) featured appearances by Black Ink vets Walt, Teddy Ruks (new business owner), and owner/CEO Ceasar Emanuel. Chicago was also in the house as Ryan Henry, Kat Jackson, and Don Brumfield were there for the festivities.

GRIP Magazine was on location to get all the reality tea on VH-1 reality star and CEO Ceasar to talk tattoos, Black owned shops and what’s next for Black Ink.

Ceaser and Ted Partner Up and Open Black Ink Atlanta

Why did Ceaser Open Black Ink Atlanta?

Cease revealed that Atlanta’s history of being the “mecca of black art” is ultimately what solidified the move.

“I felt like I was supposed to, people don’t understand that Atlanta is the mecca of Black tattoo artists and urban tattooing; like it’s the capital. When it comes to Black art, it’s the capital. Harlem 125th street is the old Black meca and [Atlanta] is the new.”

What’s NEXT for the Black Ink Empire?

Ceaser said that it’s only a matter of time before he comes to a city near you with his next location already being set for Orlando, Fl and Houston, Texas by the summer.

We noticed that Ceaser is opening his Black Ink Tattoo Parlor’s in prodominately black owner cities. It also appears that Cease setting up his mogul status. In ten years, if all goes well, Ceaser will be tatting while Teddy helps run his empire. We wonder if he will planning to head to New Orleans, LA, Dallas and Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Long Beach CA, Oakland, CA and Seattle, WA.?

Here is what Ceaser said:

“It was one point in time when I was afraid of expanding and just wanted to stay in New York, but now I realize that new level means new goals so I am trying to take my empire worldwide.”

Ceaser and Ted Partner Up and Open Black Ink Atlanta

If you live the Atlanta area then head on over and checkout the Black Ink family, visit 2989 N Fulton Dr NE Atlanta, GA. Connect with their FACEBOOK PAGE:

Here what tea spilled at the grand opening of Black Ink Atlanta:

Congrats Ceaser!

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