Ceasar BLASTS Dutchess For Lying About Her Arrest

Ceasar Emmanuel BLASTS Dutchess for Lying About Her Arrest


 Ceasar Emmanuel puts his ex fiancee Dutchess Latimoore for lying about catching a charge for him! Cease is straight up states “Dutchess is such a liar.”

Find out what else Ceasar Emmanuel is saying about Dutchess fabricating the truth to make herself look good on national TV. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com has learned that Dutchess has once again tried to sway fans into believing that she spent a night in jail because of Ceasar.

If you saw the Black Ink Crew: Behind the Scenes then you saw Dutch explain how she was a fool in love. She went on to say that she loved Ceasar Emmanuel so much, that she went to jail for him. Dutchess Lattimore also says that she did to protect Cease.


When Ceasar was asked by VH1 about Dutchess going to jail for him, this is what he had to say:

“Hell no, for what? Every time you turn around, she’s lying about something. Seen that s–t last night, talking about you caught a charge for me. I was like what?”

The Black Ink Crew owner didn’t stop there. He questioned her story:

“When did you ever catch a charge for me? You went to jail for me? Dutchess is such a liar, this s–t don’t make no more sense to me. For a person to say they used to love you and every minute they get, they lying.”

Cease concluded:

“Talking dumb s—t. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You find out who they really are.”

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