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K Michelle Goes on Hostile Attack; Lyrica Anderson CLAPS BACK

Things are getting REAL when it comes to K Michelle and Lyrica Anderson. Earlier today both singers went at it on social media with a NOT so nice word exchange.

K. Michelle decided to take aim at Fetty Wap and Lyrica Anderson and husband, A1. Read on to get all the tea being spilled…

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Joseline Hernandez Cardi B Dis Track is EPIC FAIL

Joseline Hernandez’ Cardi B Dis Track is EPIC FAIL

Joseline Hernandez’ Hate Me Now [Cardi B dis track] is the WORST dis track EVER! It’s truly sad when Joseline had the opportunity to be what Cardi B is today.

The only problem is that Joseline Hernandez is a terrible singer. Now that she has been FIRED from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the ex-stripper is still trying to prove she’s a singer. She posted a Cardi B dis track on social media and everyone is just laughing at it. Read on…

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Porsha Williams CALLS Kandi Burruss 'PETTY'

Porsha Williams CALLS Kandi Burruss ‘PETTY’

OK, so this week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss continues her mission to put Porsha in her place after the drama from last season.

Kandi Burruss is NO LONGER sitting back and being quiet about Porsha, she just doesn’t like her! For some reason Porsha Williams thinks that one day she and the Xscape singer will be cool. Yeah, think again girl. NOT HAPPENING! All this leads us to what Porsha Williams did on Dish Nation after she watched Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday. Read on…

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