Cardi B CLAPS BACK Over Cock Roach Slang RUMORS

Cardi B CHECKS Twitter Stan Over Cockroach Accusation


Cardi B fame is growing, and we have the proof since Twitter Trolls are now digging up old dirt on her, trying to derail her fame.

Cardi B is now weighing in on the controversy Cardi B found herself enveloped within after one Twitter user pulled up older tweets of Cardi using the term “roach.” Read on…

Cardi B CLAPS BACK Over Cock Roach Slang RUMORS

The former Love & Hip Hop star is now facing off with a Twitter Troll who she claims is trying to derail her career. has Cardi B’s response to a Twitter follower by the name of Arab who is claiming she loves to “Dehumanize” black women.

Cardi B CLAPS BACK saying “roach” is simply a slang term she and others from the Bronx have been using for years. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper once said that she blossomed from “a roach to a butterfly.”

To support Cardi’s statement the Urban dictionary has this definition, sorry House of Melanin, you’re 100% WRONG!

Cockroach “refers to an annoying human who seems to be indestructable, yet annoying to those who don’t have the ability to annoy themselves.” Kind of like House of Melanin who tried to say this about Cardi:

Cardi B CLAPS BACK Over Cock Roach Slang RUMORS

Get your FACTS right before looking a FOOL! It’s NOT always about you House of Melanin!

This is the original Tweet from 2016:

Cardi B CLAPS BACK Over Cock Roach Slang RUMORS

The former Love & Hip Hop Star clarifies:

“I called MY OWN self a reach before so stop it !its a word I use ALOt Bronx bitches use a lot stop trying to make it into some racist shit.”

She added:

“Motherfuckers been trying to fuk my shit up all day,The devil really working but yaa and the devil ARE invited to this DICK.”

Then, Twitter Trolls tried to come for her from another old post when she used the word “tranny” to describe members of the trans community.

Umm, that’s what they are, Tranny’s?

Cardi got so much flack for it, she apologized. She weighed in on Twitter saying that they NEED to stop digging up her past [in a now-deleted tweet]:

“I did along ass time ago ,I’m not going to be getting crucified every time nikkas want to defame me fuck outta here.”

This is much. People NEED to stop hating and start focusing on themselves.

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