Love & Hip Hop New York star Cardi B is a social media sensation, but the Love & Hip Hop 6 Star Cardi B says she’s QUITTING LHHNY!!!

Flip and get all the details on Cardi B who recently lost her Instagram because she said F**K Donald Trump inside…

Cardi B LEAVING LHHNY just got the tea on Cardi B who stopped by Hot 97 to speak with the Ebro In The Morning to chop it up about leaving LHHATL.

Cardi admits Love & Hip Hop has boosted her to a level beyond, and she is grateful for that, but she misses being able to talk reckless without having 1000 people a day criticizing her. Cardi admits it’s difficult for her to be degula because the media tries to portray her as someone she’s not.

Cardi touches on kicking it with DJ Self when they both worked in a strip club. She also touches on getting her teeth fixed and how she was tied into Love & Hip Hop NY. She says that she’s was engaged to her man who is incarcerated. Cardi still plans on starting a family in the next four years and while Tommy is still in the picture Cardi still loves the kid. But when it comes to getting married to Tommy, Cardi says she is NO LONGER doing all that. Basically, Cardi doesn’t want to marry a man who can take half her schmoney!

Cardi has hung up her stilettos because she’s focusing her talents on taking over the rap game. With the success of Gansta B—h Music Volume 1, Cardi is pretty confident that this will happen.

Cardi says she was raised in a very strict home and still carries her morals, but she is a product of her environment. During the conversation, the Trinidadian + Dominican slips in that she has only one more season of LHHNY7 and then she is DUNZO!

Being a former stripper, who started at 18, Cardi gives some helpful tips for strippers who NEED to think about their future and get out of the game.

Press play to hear Cardi SPILL ALL THE HOT TEA:

NEVER give up your Dreams!

We really admire Cardi B. She knows who she is, where she comes from and it don’t matter. She is 100 about who she is. That is a commendable and respectable thing! Keep it up Cardi and good luck with everything.


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