Black Ink Crew Season 6 Premiere

Black Ink Crew Season 6: 8 Things We Learned


On Wednesday night, it was the premiere of Black Ink Crew season 6, and we have a few things to tell you.

Here are the 7 things we learned from Black Ink Crew 6 premiere. Read on to get the tea on Black Ink Crew Season 6

Black Ink Crew Season 6 Premiere has the latest on Black Ink Crew 6 starting off with Ceaser Emanuel who says that he shut down Dutchess Lattimore’s lawsuit.

Black Ink Crew Season 6 is FULL of drama and it’s only episode 1!

If you recall, Dutchess Lattimore vowed to RUIN Ceaser after their engagement came to a grinding halt! Ceaser and Dutchess were NOT a match, she wanted a man like her father, and Emanuel is NOT that at all.

What went down on Episode 1 of Vh1’s hit series Black Ink Crew Season 6:

1 – These days Ceaser Emanuel is all about Ceaser. Teddy said it best, “Cease thinks he’s Cease Hefner.” The Black Ink Crew owner is now living in Atlanta with Sky getting his new location into shape. The only problem is that he’s 100% a whore! He’s getting over Dutchess by smashing THOTS.

2 – Sky is living her dream as a manager in a new city, and new home.  The Harlem honey is now a Georgia Peach aka Susie home maker and she loves it. Sky is the boss of Black Ink Atlanta, she gets respect, because “respect is delicious!” She is the queen of her castle living on cloud 9. The only thing she want’s to make her life complete is to meet with her sons and get them back into her life. The only problem, we previously told you that they want NOTHING to do with her. On the series, they claim that Dutchess is behind her sons NOT wanting to see her. This happens to do with the interviews taking place in Pretty in Ink. We don’t know how true that part is, but it plays well for the Black Ink Crew AD (after Dutchess) season.

3 – Melody is manager of the 113 shop, but Cease isn’t keeping up his boss duties, so she has to step up to the plate. Melody is forced to get 113 renovated and ready to open. Walt feels that she’s NOT being the type of manager he respects because she’s never there.

4 – Donna Marie Lombardi is happier and she reveals that she has a new man in her life. She posted some photos on Instagram and then deleted them. Donna is doing better since she put her ex behind her, though she thought.

7 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew Premiere

Donna and her ex-husband Max below, her new man above:

7 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew Premiere

Max was supposed to get 15-years on drug tracking charges, but she gets a threatening call that she better dump he new man because Max is going to take him out since he’s getting out of prison early.

5 – Teddy and Miss Kitty go to Atlanta to catch Cease up to speed about the shop in New York. Cease hears them but doesn’t care.

6 – Young Bae and Kevin Laroy are just part of the crowd in this episode. Nothing much going on with them yet.

7 – Next week, we are introduced to a new tattoo artist and castmate named Alex, aka the Vagina Slayer.  it appears that he may be O’Sh-t’s replacement on the show.  Slayer is one of the best tattoo artists in Brooklyn. He works hard, and plays even harder, but sometimes his partying ways get the best of him.

Black Ink Crew Season 6

8 – Dutchess is on a mission to RUIN Ceasar’s empire, she sends a evil singing telegram to the ATL shop which ends up in a fight. At the end of the episode, Dutchess is allegedly behind Sky’s son’s talking smack about her during an interview in Pretty in Ink shop in North Carolina. her son Genesis calls Sky a deadbeat mom.  But that’s NOT all her ex also DRAGGED her for walking out on her kids. Sky claims that she gave them up to give them a better life. What is even worse for Sky is that her son, Genesis states that Sky lied to multiple people and on TV about him. Dutchess has moved to radio in NC. We will now see this ALL play out on this season.

Why does Dutchess hate Sky so much?

What did you think of the premiere of Black Ink Crew Season 6?

Until next week…

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