Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th + 113th


Last week was the premiere of Black Ink Crew 5 and damn did it kick off with a lot of drama, but before we get into all that, Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th!!!

Yup, there are two locations to get a tattoo from the Black Ink Crew. One upscale (125th in Harlem) for celebs and artists and the other (113th in Harlem). Meet the newbies of Black Ink Crew 5…

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th

First off is Black Ink Crew 125th (located in Harlem on 125th street between 5th and Lenox Ave.).

Kicking off with Miss Kitty. She is Ceaser’s newly appointed Brand Ambassador for the new Black Ink shop on 125th, has learned.

Meet the newbies of Black Ink Crew 125:

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113thMiss Kitty – She is a 24-year-old receptionist from Washington DC, who moved to the big apple to be a star. She is Black Ink Tattoo Parlor’s hostess with the most, but before she was Miss Kitty, she was SoVain. She says her father gave her the nickname “SoVain” because “she never met a mirror she didn’t like.” Kit SoVain explains:

“I want to expand my brand and business.”

These days, the former receptionist at House of Ink, Miss Kitty is a refined socialite, who uses her superb social skills to bring in the high-end and celebrity clientele. Although, she say that, she has a ratchet side, which is seen in the new season of #BIC5.

Miss Kitty is blunt and tells it like it is. she has a hard time biting her tongue.

Black Ink 125th Powerhouse Tattoo artists:
Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th

ENVY:– Who is ENVY. We’ve looked to see if he has some type of bio, but the handsome bearded Black Ink Crew 125th artist is keeping his history a mystery.

We would love a little on him, we can tell you that he has an impressive body of work.

If you started watching season 5 of Black Ink Crew, then you saw a glimpse of NV. What can we say about NV? It’s all about his ink work…

We can send you to his Instagram page to check out his work, and if you are in the area, you can book a tattoo with him here. 

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113thKevin Soomai – He is a 29-year-old Caribbean native, born on October 23, 1987 in Trinidad. He relocated to
Brooklyn, NY at the age of 6. Kevin never considered applying his craft in the form of tattooing until he met seasoned tattoo artist Dammian Moore.

Moore took on Kevin as an apprentice at Brooklyn Ink Spot at the young age of 18. They worked together for 7 years before Kevin decided to branch off on his own.

As an artist who thrives when challenged, Kevin continues to push himself to learn different tattoo styles. Under the mentorship of well-known international tattoo artist Big Jazz, Soomai has fine tuned his skills in traditional style tattooing.

10 years into his career, Kevin’s abilities have matured and come to include an impressive portfolio of portrait, freestyle, traditional, lettering and tribal pieces. His use of black and gray inks to portray realism and high levels of detail is this young artist’s signature. There is no piece too detailed or too challenging for this artist, his talent knows no limits. For bookings click here…

More New Black Ink Cast Members:

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th

Last but NOT least is South Carolina native, Richard Dunken aka O’Sh*t, who has obviously proved himself to Ceaser. He
may be at 113th on the show, but these days you can find him at Black Ink 125th.  O has a history of baby mama drama, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but hey life moves on.

What you don’t know about O’Sh*t is that he was a college athlete who tore his ACL early in his college sports career. His injury ended his football career and he turned to his love of artwork. O’Sh*t has three children, and though he has had many ups and downs with their mothers, his children are the true loves of his life. Tattooing is his life, art provides an escape from reality, and when things are bad, he can lose himself in his work.

He is a great artist and deserves to be at Ink 125. For bookings click here…

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113thStickers The Tattoo Artist – Elijah Rivers, better known as Stickers The Tattoo artist, is a Brooklyn New York native. He went to Acorn High School for Social Justice and a few other schools before he learned that art was his gift. Stickers The Tattooartist is an expressive tattoo artist whose art is very explicit.

He is known for his creative and sometimes controversial ink. His talents as an artist go beyond Tattooing, he is a professional tattoo artist, Skateboards designer/artist ,and oil painter. He is a father of two boys and one of seven siblings.

Now for Black Ink 113th, now run by Teddy Rukkus. This location is more of a party spot and the original location that put David Ceaser Emmanuel’s Black Ink Crew on the map.

Sky, Teddy, Walter and Melody are still residing at Black Ink 113th. However, with the opening of a new location, Teddy had to bring in more artists. Of course the player of Black Ink decided to hire all women, but you know that brings drama drama drama.

Meet the newbies of Black Ink 113:

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113thYoung Bae – She was born and raised in South Korea, but Bae moved to New York City in 2007, leaving behind an abusive father and difficult home life in Seoul. She came to America with only $80 dollars to her name. The Seoul Korea artist made ends meet by taking any job that came her way.

She was homeless, but had major drive. Bae used her street smarts and charm to land a job as a tattoo artist. Basically she talked her way into the position, despite never having tattooed in her life!

Young Bae is a vivacious, vocal and talented. What she talks and tattoos is 100 and she can back it up. NO BS here.

Plus, Bae is NOT the one to mess with. She will go into attack mode and start punching asking question later.

Twitter: Instagram

Black Ink 113th Second New Hire:

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th and 113th

Tiffany Perez – She is Patterson, NJ native, born and raised Tiffany started tattooing at the age of 21 after her father bought her a tattoo gun for her birthday.

Dutchess prevented Tiffany from previously working at Black Ink, but now she’s back and ready to prove she deserves to be on staff. The only problem is she comes with a temper. She is ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

If she’s a good at tattooing as she is fighting then Black Ink has a talented artist. Tiffany has learned how to go after what she wants in the male-dominated tattoo industry. Plus she’s NOT afraid to go toe to toe with the guys in the shop—or the females in the shop.

Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew 125th + 113thKevin Laroy – He is a Dallas Texas native who recently moved to New York to fulfill a lifetime goal of being a tattoo artist in NYC. With five brothers and sisters, Kevin always looked for ways to stand out. In high school, Kevin made his clothes to separate himself from the crowd and eventually enrolled at the Art Institute in Dallas where he majored in fashion design, but left the program when a friend of his asked him to give him a tattoo one night, and after that, Kevin never looked back.

Kevin brings a fresh swag to Black Ink with his signature photo-realism style and loves the tattoo medium because his clients “wear” his art. Don’t confuse Kevin’s southwest charm for being slow-paced because Kevin is always ready to turn up and join the party! One thing you might not know about Kevin is that he is fluid when it comes to dating. He likes it all – men and women, but 95% men and 5% women. He is not into titles because he doesn’t want to be referred to as Kevin the gay tattoo artist. Its a stigma he is trying to break. It’s one that people don’t seem to ever understand. It’s simple we don’t say hey there is Ceasar the straight owner of Black Ink. Understand?

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