Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up


Black Ink Crew added one sexy tatted hunk on the series this year. His name is Kevin Laroy and we are loving him on the show! Tonight, Black Ink Crew newbies Kevin and LA hook up!

Kevin Laroy is easy on the eyes, hold himself well, and is fine, but Young Bae didn’t read the signs when he said he just goes with it and he likes someone he goes for it. Read on…

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up was locked into Black Ink Crew when Bae and Kevin Laroy went to the Hookah bar to hang.

Donna showed up with another artist from the 125th shop, LA. In seconds the Black Ink Crew Newbies, LA is all over Kevin like we would have been. LA has Kevin Laroy put his finger up and he licks it, but LA’s tongue is split in half like a lizard tongue, so there is a lot going on with it. We bet his head game is out of this world. Same goes with his salad tossing skills. We know Kevin was thinking about all that! Next, LA asks Kev to get a drink at the bar and the two guys head over to get some private time. They leave Donna and Bae to chill among themselves.

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up

While sitting by the hookah, Bae is all eyes on Kevin. She notices LA kissing on his neck and a couple minutes later Kevin and LA are headed back to his place. Guess LA wanted to show him how his split tongue feels on certain parts of the body. We don’t blame LA at all Kevin is hot and we’d do the same dame thing.  Sound like someone is getting lucky?

Sorry Young Bae Kevin Laroy is currently strickly dickly! Watch:

Who is Kevin Laroy?

Kevin (known from Ink Master on Spike TV) is the newest addition to the Black Ink Crew: New York family. He is originally from Dallas Texas. Even though Dallas is progressive its still part of the Deep South, where there is stigmas associated with being LGBT. He ends up revealing that he is attracted to both men and women, but is mostly dealing with men at the moment. Kevin says he doesn’t like labels or saying he is gay. The Texas native likes what he likes and he grew up having a hard time trying to be himself. Laroy had to hide his love of men in Texas.

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up

Before the episode aired, he spoke with The Advocate about about his decision to come out on television.

Kevin said before he went to shoot the scene with Bae and LA there “was one person in my life that I hadn’t talked to about it and never got any response from. That was my older brother, and you know in my life I’m OK with me, but I always want the close people in my life to be OK with it too. So on the way to shoot that scene I called my brother to let him know that I was on this show and it was going to follow the details of my personal life, and when I said that he stopped me to say that he already knew and it was not a problem for him. He was the last person I needed to tell, and after that everyone has been super supportive.”

Why did Kevin come out on Black Ink instead of Ink Masters?

“Producers wanted me to come out on Ink Master, but that was a competition show, and it was my belief that my personal life had nothing to do with the competition, so I didn’t want to do it. On the other hand, Black Ink is a show about the lives of the tattoo artists. The platform was right, and I felt like we live in a time where there is no face to being gay, and just because someone doesn’t walk around saying they are doesn’t mean that he’s on the down low. My main focus with telling this story is to show there are levels to being black and masculine and that I shouldn’t have to identify myself to fit into anyone else’s normal.”

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up

Why Kevin wants to break the stigma that black men have to be flamboyant or DL if they’re gay. He wants people to realize they can just be a man who happens to like other men.

“Oh, definitely, in the black community, for sure, it feels like it’s if someone can’t tell you’re gay or bisexual or if you’re more masculine than, say, a more flamboyant gay then you’re DL, and I think that’s totally disrespectful. Saying I’m DL is just like saying that I am afraid to speak and live in my truth, and that is not the case. I want to show people that there are many faces to LGBT.”

Lastly, he states:

“I am Kevin but I will never be Kevin, the gay tattoo artist.”

That is what’s up Kevin, much respect for that. We get you 100%. You are definitely the type of man we would like to meet ourselves.

Black Ink Crew Newbies: Kevin Laroy and LA Hook Up

Black Ink Crew airs on VH1 Wednesdays at 8 pm.

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