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Did Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Donna Smash in Miami


OMG, did you see what went down on Black Ink Crew between Donna and Dutchess when they went to Miami, we are hearing that Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Donna Smashed in Miami!?!

Find out all the tea on Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Donna Smashing in Miami on the flip…

Black Ink Crew dutchess donna

Tonight on Black Ink Crew, Sky, Dutchess and Sky flew down to Miami so Sky can get her butt enhancement to make all the boys come to the yard!

Before we get to the tea about D and D, Ceasar and Teddy hashed things out about Melody and her skill set as and tattoo artist. Cease has Ted call Melody to come back and meet with him.  The next day Melody comes back, Cease apologizes and then initiates her with strippers and liquor.  She impresses all the guys in the Ink. O’Shit is already ready to lay it down because you can see him stripping her as she licks whip cream off one of the strippers booties.

Across town, Puma is dealing with being a dad and running Art & Ink. He and his crew are talking about their kids and being dad’s. Later Qwani’s mom shows up and tells Puma how she doesn’t like her granddaughter in a tattoo shop with needles all over the place. She tells Puma that she is taking his daughter home until he gets home or Qwani gets home. He’s pissed but he bites his lip.

In another part of Harlem, O’Shit wants to visit his son so he shows up at Kathy’s house. His son is happy to see his dad, but as usual, Kathy is her bitchy self complaining because deep down she wants Richard to be her man. Instead she is just being a bitter ex baby mama. It’s tiring, because she and O need to work things out.

Watch when Kathy is taken off guard when O’S**t shows up to visit their son. Kathy doesn’t approve of O’S**t dropping in whenever he wants to visit:

Now for the juice.

So Sky and the girl’s head to Miami. Once they get there they take two SUV’s to get to the rental that Sky got for the 2 week Miami trip. Donna and Dutchess follow in the car behind Sky and her friends. At first Dutchess tries to ignore Donna until she checks her for being a fake beoatch!

Black Ink Crew Dutchess admits that she called Donna’s miscarriage and bastard baby which was low and uncalled for, but things quickly change once they get to the spot. D and D decide to squash the past and move forward. But in a web exclusive watch Sky stir the pot to get the tea on the alt-tea:

Sky skinny dips and runs around the house nude as the girls party and do shots of Patron. Dutch loosen’s up for the first time and lets her guard down.

The party goes from the pool to the club and that’s when things get lifted. Dutchess and Donna are grinding, getting flirty and just being party girls. Dutch is feeling herself and Donna is riding the wave. But here is where things are twisted. Dutchess is just having fun and acting sexual while dancing. You know something we all like to do when we in the moment. Donna takes the booty grinding as if Dutch was to sex the night away.

Donna says:

“I have this thing where I think everybody wants to have sex with me. But it’s something new with Dutchess.”

Yes, Donna is a real freak! She adds:

“Dutchess is a drunk lesbian…everyone has a little inner lesbian, just takes a little tequilla to bring it out.”

dutchess donna

Anyways, the Black Ink Crew ladies leave the club and grab some burgers to take back to the crib. Once they get there Sky can tell its gonna be one for those nights. Dutchess is acting like she wants to go there and Donna is ready to eat some fish. Dutch has no idea what she is asking for, but Sky is looking at the two of them, and seeing red flags flying.

Sky says:

“I can only imagine what happens tonight and to bad I can’t snapchat that shit.”

Dutchess heads to her room and all you hear is Dutchess moaning. The next morning Donna sleeping by the pool, Dutchess is on the coach and Sky is off to her surgery.

Meanwhile we cut to Ceasar saying that he trusts Dutchess and knows that she would never cheat on him. He trusts her and he tells his cousin Teddy that he’s ready to push the wedding date up.

Cut back to Miami, Dutchess and Donna are chilling poolside and all you hear is Dutchess saying OMG I made the biggest mistake of my whole life.

Donna is like:

“B-tch you have fun.”

Black Ink Crew Dutchess says:

“That should have never happened.”

Sounds like they smashed and it was Dutchess first girl on girl sex experience. You can see the shame, fear, regret and curiosity running through her mind. Once thing about Dutch is that she has morals and having sex with a woman doesn’t seem like a high one on her list.

What do you think, did Donna take advantage of Black Ink Crew Dutchess while she was drunk?

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