Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Don Puts His Little Man to Work

Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Don Puts His Little Man to Work


On this weeks Black Ink Crew Chicago we learned that Don NEVER learns his lesson, Kat can’t get over Phor, Charmain is a nudist, Ryan is falling in “lust” and Van is NOT opened minded!!!

Flip and get all the details on Black Ink Crew Chicago…

Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Don Puts His Little Man to Work has the latest on Black Ink Crew Chicago and wait until you get a load of this, because a girl in the DR definitely got Don’s load.

Before Don gets TURN Up he learns that Ryan invited the 9 Mag crew to the 9 Mag house in the DR. Surprise Don, the girls are there too. And Charmaine is in the pool skinny dipping and running around the house naked. Don wanted it to be a bachelor weekend, but instead it’s the 9 Mag house.

Watch Don flip out:

What we learned on Black Ink Crew Chicago this week!

First up is Don, he was TURNT UP in the Dominican Republic for his 2 day party fest and Bachelor Party. It’s Don’s last days as a single man, since he is doing a RUSH wedding to his fiance Ashley. While she goes shopping for the perfect dress with her girls in Chicago, her friends feel that she is rushing into this too fast. Ashley assures her girls that Don has changed.

Poor Ashley, she’s blinded by the good D and love!

As for Don, he is giving it up crazy in the Dominican Republic. The girls hook him up with some Dominican strippers for his bachelor party, but once Don’s little man starts rising, there is no stopping was is about to happen. Don takes it one step further and, well, you know what happens when you hire a “stripper” in DR. It’s like that night Dutchess was heard moaning. Just this time its a random chick in the DR learning how good Don lays pipe.

Hopefully he doesn’t knock her up and has another baby mama on the horizon. You got one “Real classy” guy Ashley, enjoy the heartaches for life with Don.


Before the climatic end, Kat confronts Phor about how his girl acted and how he was sleeping with her while they dated. Phor is just as bad as Don, he tell Kat that its in the past. He also tells her that she was nothing to her. Kat is devastated and tearfully tries to pull it together. Kat and Phor end up fighting in the DR and nothing gets solved. Later Kat tells Charmaine about surviving a abusive relationship. That is the reason why she just NEEDS closure with Phor, but his feels it’s the past, and she should move on. Phor seems like a Virgo.


Charmaine on the other hand is ready to get her party on after last weeks winning about not wanting to get into another fight with Ashley. If you recall Ashley sicked her goons on Charmaine at a party. Once she is there, the clothes come off and and the booty clapping begins. Charmaine is making sure she is the party!

Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Don Puts His Little Man to Work

Meanwhile, Van takes his girl Jen out to meet his perfect third for their freaky three-way. The only problem is that his dream third, Fendi is selabit. Jen is more kinky that Van because she has a hunk walk in for her dream three-way. She wants to make it a four-way. Van looses it, because dude is HOT! Intimidated much Van?


Last but not least is sexy Ryan, who learns that he is left without his luggage. The airport apparently lost his bags so all he has is the clothes on his back. In this bonus clip we see Ryan slightly pissed.

Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew Chicago, next Monday at 8/7c!

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