Black Ink Chicago: Ryan Van Fight

Black Ink Chicago: Ryan Van Fight


Last night on Black Ink Chicago Ryan and Van finally came to blows during Kat’s weekend cabin getaway. Kat is one smart cookie, because she was able to get Cobra and Charmaine to apologize to each other.

Then, she had Ryan Van take centerstage to box out their frustrations with each other. Checkout Ryan and Van fighting on the flip. Read on…

Black Ink Chicago: Ryan Van Fight has the latest on Black Ink Chicago Season 3 Ep 4 where everything comes to a head, tempers fly, girlfriends are betrayed, and one secret hookup goes down.

First, the Ryan Van beef has been brewing since Black Ink Chicago season 2. Van has felt that Ryan has been disrespectful to the family that got him the fame he’s attained.

Van has been on one since his uncle died feeling like he has no one. And what has been burning him the most, is Ryan, his friend who is like a brother to him. Both men have too much pride in the way. Neither of them have tried to talk it out, and the tension has been building.

What Happened before the Ryan Van Fight:

Last season, Van lashed out at Cobra last season, when he was really pissed at Ryan. And last week things got out of control when the ChicaGorilla clothing line owner broke out the window at 9Mag. He was furious that Ryan, who he’s known since they were kids changed the locks.

This season the 9Mag fam has been complaining how Ryan is running the business and forgetting about the people who got him there:

He ended up getting in a fight with Junior who was defending Ryan and telling Van that he was wrong for doing that. He was heard saying, “Nobody is locking me out of this shop.”

Things continued to get worse and after Ryan showed up with Cobra. He walked in on Danielle, Van, Charmaine, Phor, and Don as the 9Mag family is fighting about Ryan. It was a full on BLOWOUT against Cobra over the glasses her boyfriend snapped in front of Charmaine’s face. Charmaine goes on the attack when she sees Cobra. At the peek of the argument Kat walked in. Talk about bad timing:

Fast forward to now, Kat had a master plan to get the crew back together and make it one big happy family while she’s visiting from Los Angeles.

First order of business was to get the family up to the cabin. The next thing to tackle was getting the Charmaine/Cobra feud to end.

Cobra instantly feels like and outcast when Charmaine starts talking shit about her once she walks in the house. She quickly shuts down and runs outside in tears. That is when Ryan tells the 9Mag crew that Cobra’s dad had died a month ago. Everyone realized life is too short to be petty and mean. Charmaine feels terrible, so she goes out to see Cobra and squashes the beef with an apology:

Ryan Van Fight Details:

Mission solved, next, is Ryan Van. Kat and Don introduce boxing and in a matter of minutes Ryan Van are fighting out their problems like men. Van gets a lot of punches in, especially one hard hit to Ryan’s face. Van unleashes his fury on Henry.

Watch Ryan Van box it out:

At the end of the day, Ryan and Van are cool and the family is momentarily back together.

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