Benzino CLAPS BACK at Amber Rose Slutwalk Responce

Benzino CLAPS BACK at Amber Rose Slutwalk Responce


NOT everyone is a fan of the Amber Rose Slutwalk. Take for instance music producer and reality star Benzino who took to social media BLASTING Amber Rose!!!

Get the tea on why Benzino is NOT a fan of the Amber Rose Slutwalk…

Benzino CLAPS BACK at Amber Rose Slutwalk Responce

While thousands gathered to enjoy Amber Rose’s Slutwalk, Benzino took to social media to issue his disgust as a father with Amber’s movement, has learned.

Benzino breaks it down that the original Slutwalk started in Australia against rape. He points out that Amber Rose’s Slutwalk is NOTHING of the sort. Her’s is about women embracing the fact that females can sleep with 1000s of men and its ok?

He posted this video snatched up by the Shade Room:

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Amber obviously didn’t like that Benzino made some real valid points that her Slutwalk is nothing but a way of teaching young teenage girls that its ok to sleep around and be called a slut.


Mom’s and Dad’s of America, you should listen to Benzino, because the SlutWalk is garbage. No man wants a SLUT as a wife. You see Kanye dumped her and married Kim Kardashian. Yes, both are sluts, but Kim had a better image.

Amber quickly clapped backed by explaining the movement behind Slutwalk and what it’s supposed to represent like an outlet for women who’ve been slut-shammed and/or sexually assaulted. Benzino then posted a video further sharing his disapproval of Rose and explaining her sex life and how she presents herself is the reason for how others see and treat her. – Vh1

Shortly after Benzino went off on Amber Rose, she responded to him:

“One day someone will call ur daughter a slut, hoe, whore ect for no reason at all besides the fact that she’s beautiful, confident, possibly if she wears something sexy and or God forbid gets sexually assaulted (Victim blamed) Please educate yourself on what the movement is before you speak so ignorantly. Your welcome to visit for more info.”

We understand that Amber may have started the movement with good intentions, the movement looks to have become a freaknik fest. The sluts came out to her movement in trashy slutty attire, which makes us ask, “How does SLUTTY clothing help parent understand this movement is to better the victims of slut shaming?”

Benzino CLAPS BACK at Amber Rose Slutwalk Responce

Benzino responds!

On Friday, Benzino Clapped Back at Amber Rose and how she got her claim to fame saying she “sucked the right eggplant” but he’s “NOT hating.”

Here is the FULL letter he just posted on social media to Amber Rose:

“You see what I’m saying, I never mentioned your name, I left it alone but there you go judging me without even knowing me. And it’s funny because that’s what your suppose to be against right judging. Listen you uneducated, hypercritical fool, I’m great father, and a great man, make no mistake about it Miss Rose, you got to where your at sucking the right ?s. And I’m not a hater, if that’s how you came up mama more power to you it’s a kind way from Sues Rendezvous, but don’t reap the benefits and then cry about it when the public looks at you a certain way, and for you to come out after you “Slutwalk” and say “I’m no role model, and mothers should raise they’re own damn kids” IS PATHETIC! Who do you think 75 percent of your followers are?? YOUNG GIRLS DO DO BRAIN! They are the ones who look up to you and follow your garbage!! I knew you was gonna crack, you was better off looking pretty keeping your mouth shut, cause when you open it you expose your ignorance. The problem with your “Whore walk” is it has no real meaning amd your trying to mix a “Gay Parade” with a feminist movement (which no top feminists will ever follow) with a rape movement ( which you never once supported any victim of rape ever on your page or your bs talk show which I’m sure will be canceled soon) with slut shaming ( which is stupid because your dressing like a hoe and complaining when someone says your dressing like a hoe) YOUR EXPOSED AND YOU MAD! And as far as Althea brining my son, that was her choice, mines would have been for her to go and to leave him because of the nasty adult themed trash you had there. But she is his mother and I have to respect that. I actually feel sorry for Wiz and his son because at the end of the day, IN SOME AREAS IN LIFE WOMEN ARE SUPPOSE YO BE HELD AT A HIGHER STANDARD THEN MEN! THAT IS THE WAY IT HAS BEEN FOREVER!!! THANK GOD YOU DIDN’T HAVE A DAUGHTER!! ? SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO HELD ON TO THEIR CLASS AND DIGNITY AMD WORKED HARD FOR WHAT THEY GOT”

Benzino Slutwalk feud

How do you feel about Amber Rose Slutwalk? Do you agree with Benzino or Amber?

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