Bambi Reveals Why She Took Lil Scrappy

Bambi Reveals Why She Took Lil Scrappy


As we all know Lil Scrappy took to Miami to get a fresh start, but he left his heart in Atlanta. Now, Bambi is back and she is ready reveal why she is taking Lil Scrappy back.

Oh Bambi, really, girl? After all Lil Scrappy‘s cheating nonsense, you’re taking him back? Read on…

Bambi Reveals Why She Took Lil Scrappy is shaking our heads at this, but love is blind and apparently so is Bambi. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is taking back Scrappy Doo.

If you recall, Lil Scrappy was on a mission to win his woman back after he cheated on her. He learned that Bambi was the perfect fit, but it was up to her to say yes.

Apparently, Bambi has, and now she offered up her reasoning, saying:

“His pursuit made me believe that he was really serious and willing to do anything to make our situation work. I was totally shocked, Scrapp is usually very stubborn and prideful so this was new to me. It showed a different side of him.”

Bambi was referring to his little social media project, in which he attempted to “Find The Bam”. It was actually kind of cute and funny, and yes, it won her over.

Now don’t get it twisted, The Bam will be staying in Atlanta, and she explains that she has no desire to move to Miami no matter how many stops Scrap pulls.

The Bam said:

“Miami is beautiful, it has always been a quick getaway for me and Scrapp knows this, so he has been enticing me with this beautiful condo on the beach. I may be there a lot more, but I definitely have made Atlanta my home and have a lot of business there — so it would not be a full-on move. I do not think that is a part of my plan for now.”

Congrats to them both, hopefully Scrappy keeps his man in his pants this time around.

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