10 Ways To Loose Your Wife Like Kirk Frost

10 Ways To Lose Your Wife by Kirk Frost


If you’re a man that lives a life by Kirk Frost, then you deserve to be single and without a wife. Why may you ask?

Well, we have 10 ways to lose your wife by Kirk Frost. Read on…

10 Ways To Loose Your Wife Like Kirk Frost

CelebNReality247.com has a tutorial for men like Kirk Frost, who can’t keep from cheating.

Below is a tutorial on how to be like Kirk Frost and screw up your marriage and home life, and it only took 4 out of 6 season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

We all know that Kirk Frost and Rasheeda have been married for 17 years and share two children together. Kirk came into the marriage with kids, but he is Rasheeda’s sweetheart. You can tell she loves him dearly, but no matter how much she loves him, Kirk is bottom line selfish in the relationship.

He may feel underappreciated or pushed to the side, but that’s part of marriage and being a husband. If he can’t uphold the vows of marriage, then he should be single. Rasheeda is a great woman for standing by him, but enough is enough and the last thing we all saw on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6 was her signing the separation papers. Kirk agreed to give her everything.

Here is a scene where Kirk admits to doing something that he knew he shouldn’t be doing. Listen to him confess his sins to Rasheeda’s mom. He breaks down in tears over possibly losing his wife over his infidelity:

What is frustrating to us about Kirk is that he loves to say that he NEEDS to “grow” but that is what he has said on so many occasions. How much does he need to grow? We know his eggplant grows around strippers, waitress and wanna bee singers. What about his wife? The love of his life?

Are you read for our 10 ways to lose your wife like Kirk Frost?

10. Lie to your wife and deny any and everything to friends and family. Basically, make yourself look like the ass of Atlanta.

9. Continually fight with your wife’s mother, when she calls you out on your BS. Fueling divorce rumors on the internet. Show up and stop Rasheeda from auctioning of his things.

10 Ways To Loose Your Wife Like Kirk Frost

8. Go behind your wife’s back and buy a condo in Buckhead and call it your “office.” Then try to lie and call it a surprise.

7. Sign a waitress named Ashley Nicole and then try to make her a singer. Making matters worse, Rasheeda storms into a hotel where Kirk and Ashley are staying. Rasheeda pulled the wife card on Kirk because the trust in the marriage was out the window.

6. Tell your wife to get an abortion because you have a bunch of kids because you can’t keep mini Kirk in your pants. Ladies if you’re dating a man with more than one baby mama, you NEED to cut him loose. If there is one there is two somewhere on the low.

10 Ways To Loose Your Wife Like Kirk Frost

5. Instead of upholding your responsibilities as a husband, Kirk goes up to Bobby V’s lakeside cabin and gets freaky with two women. First Kirk has a moment in the hot tub with two randoms and then takes them to bed. His excuse? Kirk says that he NEEDS to cut free and find himself. It’s called being an unfaithful dirty dawg, Kirk. Just in case he needs to find the right title for it. Kirk continued to fuel divorce RUMORS back in 2014 being spotted hugged up with Bambi. This is before she got with Scrappy.

4. Deny that Rasheeda’s baby is his, and then to make matters worse, give your son Karter a DNA test while feeding him late at night.

4. After learning that baby Karter is his, hire some random chick, named Jasmine, from a bar and tell her she’s the new nanny behind Rasheeda’s back. But here is the clincher, Kirk lied to Jasmine and told her that he and Rasheeda were separated. #Messy

10 Ways To Loose Your Wife Like Kirk Frost

3. Sleep with a Stripper named Jasmine Washington and get her pregnant. Then, move her in to a condo one floor down from your “so-called office.” Give her money to help take care of the baby and then when confronted on national TV deny, deny, deny and lie to your wife. Who does that? Oh wait, that’s right, Kirk Frost.

2. Serve your wife separation papers in front of your children. Humiliate Rasheeda in front of her family and look like a crappy dad. Then yell at cameras because you are looking like a cheating husband to all the fans of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

1. Refuse to take a paternity test to see if Jasmine Washington’s baby is really his. Instead, Kirk decided to continue his denial of baby Kannon on the reunion, so Jasmine put him on blast. Leaving his wife, Rasheeda is once again in tears, humiliated on national TV by the man she loves.

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