15 Crazy Jackie Christie Moments on Basketball Wives

15 Crazy Jackie Christie Moments on Basketball Wives


This season on Basketball Wives, Jackie Christie has proved that she twists the truth, love to start mess, but if things don’t go her way she wants to fight.

Jackie claims to be a good person, but why is she always starting mess and wanting to fight? Read on and see 15 Crazy Jackie Christie moments she started Mess or a fight…

15 Crazy Jackie Christie Moments on Basketball Wives

CelebNReality247.com also noticed that NOT only did Jackie Christie loves to “stab a b-tch in the throat” she loves to deny, deny, deny!

Malayshia had to tell Jackie that she sets herself up because she doesn’t know the “girlfriend code 1000.”

Here are the 15 Crazy Jackie Christie Moments She Started Mess or a Fight:

15. Jackie comes off totally fake at the final dinner.

Most recently, during their final dinner in Miami, both Hazel and Jen address to Jackie some of the things written about her in Ta’Kari’s book. Jackie responds in a scary way:

14. An emotionally distraught Jackie confronts Shaunie about siding with Evelyn and giving an interview about Jackie’s daughter.

13. Jackie can handle it when Shaunie and Evelyn arrive on the yacht, Jackie gets totally upset so she removes herself from the stressful situation.

For a first time, Jackie says she’s doesn’t want to fight. It’s a first.

12. Things get so heated after Jackie calls Evelyn’s daughter a build-a-whore-the two women are ready to throw down:

11. Jackie continues to deny her actions and Evelyn calls her liar. Things get real ugly in New York:

10. Jackie confronts Evelyn about what is being said behind her back, thing go from zero to 100 in seconds:

9. The fight continues and Jackie claims that Evelyn needs a moment because she is now a non mother-f**kin’ factor.

8. Jackie is PISSED when Bonnie-Jill reveals what Jackie said about Saniy’yah in Palm Springs.

Jackie calls Bonnie-Jill a liar because she claims that she doesn’t remember that. Sad but true, Jackie did say that. Straight denial.

7. Jackie runs after Bonnie-Jill hoping for a fight calling her a “sellout” screaming at Bonnie-Jill saying “you went on a double date with me.” Jackie is violent.

6. Early on in Basketball Wives, Jackie was playing the fence.

During a pottery class Cristen calls out Jackie for being a disloyal friend. Jackie claimed that she didn’t know about the makeover, but she did. Cristen is 100% right, Jackie is disloyal.

5. Jackie denies that she popped up in her red Wolfe Pussy jacket to mess with Tami. #SorryNOTSorry

4. Tami calls out Jackie for starting mess with Evelyn, and not being a loyal friend.

Bottom line Jackie is messy. We love that Tami goes in on Jackie, but what we don’t understand is how in the hell did she get back on team Jackie Christie?:

3. Jackie went at it with Tami Roman after she walked out and got into a heated argument over friendship, loyalty, and betrayal.

2. After she got into it with Tami, Jackie crashes her book signing to get a rise out or Tami.

Jackie has no class and bad timing. This was NOT the place or time to apologize. Tami says that she won’t punch Doug Christie’s wife in the face because she’s doug’s friend first.

1. This is what started the FEUD between Jackie and Evelyn.

From the beginning Jackie Christie has had problems with Evelyn Lozada.  Jackie is PISSED that Evelyn donated to Takari’s GoFundMe account to help her grandson.


Shaunie tries to get Jackie to be a bit more of a relaxed parent, but she gets upset with Shaunie:

What do you think of our 15 Crazy Jackie Christie Moments?

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